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Teaching and Learning Space Surveys

Earlier in the year, the Learning Environment Services team (LES) ran two online surveys to establish what staff and students think of the spaces provided to support their teaching or learning.  We wanted to know if the lecture theatres, classrooms and study spaces met their needs.

The survey for Staff, "The Teaching Staff Classroom Perception Survey", asked staff to tell us about their experience with many aspects of the classrooms and lecture theatres.  We asked about projection facilities, learning technology, comfort, lighting and all aspects of the classroom environment. 

The survey for Students, "The Student Learning Spaces Experience Survey", asked many of the same questions but from the student's perspective, and also included questions about the places they studied (Level 3 in the Main Library and the Chi Wah Learning Commons for example).

Both surveys based on the likert scale allowed the respondents to make additional comments and observations after every question.

The responses were very good with almost 200 staff and over 400 students filling in the questionnaires and what was very interesting was that the responses from both staff and students fell into 3 main categories; Environmental (comfort), technology and learning space design.

It took some time to go through the hundreds of additional comments, but once we had completed that task all classrooms were audited in the light of the comments and a task list to be undertaken during the summer vacation has been drawn up.  The reports on the surveys have yet to be completed but a summary of the findings will be published at some stage in the future.

To encourage students to complete the survey, they were invited to enter a draw to win one of two "iPod shuffles".  The lucky winners were Julia Louise Chan, 2nd year Psychology student (left below) and Daniel San, 1st year PhD studying Epidemiology and Biostatistics (right below).  They can both be seen accepting their prizes from Dr. Danny Tang, Director of IT Services.

Accepting their prizes from DITS      Accepting their prizes from DITS

On behalf of LES, we are very appreciated for the time and valuable feedback given by respondents in this survey.  Their responses and comments are very helpful to our continuous service improvement.


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Associate Director (Learning Environments)
Learning Environment Services Team
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