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A Quick Look Back … as We Relocated our Office and General Enquiry Counter to the Library Building (Old Wing)

On 10 January 2014, Information Technology Services (ITS) moved from its old offices in the Run Run Shaw Building to the Library Building (Old Wing). Our General Enquiry Counter is now on the first floor.

ITS General Enquiry Counter

I would like to take this opportunity to share with our readers a few of our changes over the last 45 years.

Thirty years ago, the Computer Centre relocated the offices and computer room from the Knowles Building to the Run Run Shaw Building.  (The term “computer room” is nowadays more commonly called “data centre” – readers can understand why.) 

The Computer Centre was established in 1969.  In the past 45 years, the changes of name reflecting different roles that the Centre had played at different periods of time:

  • the Computer Centre changed its name to the Centre of Computer Studies and Applications in 1981 reflecting that the Centre staff taught academic courses besides providing computing services;
  • name changed back to the Computer Centre in 1988 when the Department of Computer Science was set up; and
  • name changed to Information Technology Services in 2012.

Note that ITS is not called “Centre of ITS”.  In the age of the Internet of Things, most of our services are accessible over the network; and users are no longer required to go to a “Centre” to use those services. 

Last November (2013), the Hong Kong Computer Society celebrated the 50th anniversary of the installation of the first two computers in Hong Kong in 1963[1]:

  • The second computer installed in Hong Kong was an IBM 1620 computer installed in The University of Hong Kong Department of Civil Engineering.  It was the first scientific computer in Hong Kong.
  • The first computer in Hong Kong was an NCR 315 System installed at China Light and Power for commercial application.

Six years after the installation of the IBM 1620, the Computer Centre was set up to support academic computing needs of the University. After 45 years, while there have been a lot of changes, ITS is still at the forefront in supporting research, teaching and learning, and administrative services of the University.


M C Pong
Associate IT Director
Tel: 3917 6232
Email: mcpong@hku.hk

[1] Reference: Anthony O, The Computer Age in Hong Kong, Commercial Press, 2013.