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High Definition Multi-Point Video Conferencing Service

We are pleased to inform our users that a new High Definition multi-point video conferencing service will be available for use by departments starting from January 2014. Comparing to the existing video conferencing service that we are supporting, this new service supports not only multiple-party video and voice communication but also delivers high definition video quality (up to 1080p) with recording and webcasting functions. In addition to room-based video conferencing endpoints, the new service allows connections from different devices, including PC, MAC, tablets, and IP phones and analog phones. 

Platforms Supported by the New High Definition Video Conferencing System

Platforms Supported by the New High Definition Video Conferencing System

The entire new video conferencing system can support up to 15 high definition connections or 60 standard definition connections. To use this new video conferencing service for organizing meetings, interviews or events, departments may apply for a Multipoint HD Video Conferencing Account using application form CF43. With this account, departments can schedule events and reserve the bandwidth resources through a self-service meeting management page at https://vcm.uc.hku.hk:8443.

Once a meeting is created, participants can join the meeting via the URL https://vconf.uc.hku.hk straight away with the Meeting ID provided by the organizer using their own devices. This means anyone who is connected to the Internet or is having a phone connection can participate in a meeting without any account credentials.

For PC and Mac users, they will be prompted to install a light weight client the first time joining a meeting, and will be connected to the meeting after successful installation. For Android and iOS devices, users can use this new video conferencing service after installing the free apps ‘SCOPIA Mobile’ (search ‘Scopia’ in Google Play or App Store) and configuring the server address as https://vconf.uc.hku.hk. After configuration, they can join a meeting by running the apps with the Meeting ID.

With this new service, starting a high definition multi-point video conference with anyone in the world will just take a few mouse clicks. For more details about this service and the user guides, please visit http://www.its.hku.hk/services/communication/conferencing/multimedia.  

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for any question about this new service.

Kenneth KY Yip
Tel: 3917 7973
Email: kkyyip@hku.hk