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New Access Gates in Chi Wah Learning Commons

During the Summer Vacation work to install access gates at all of the entrances to the Chi Wah Learning Commons was undertaken.  After testing and commissioning, the gates at each of the entrances came into operation at the end of September.  All Staff and Students can now use their University identity card to gain access to the Learning Commons and its facilities.  Three remaining sets of gates at the entrances to the lift lobbies on the first and second floors will come into operation on 1st November 2013.

The gates will allow IT Services to more accurately monitor the use of the facility and in particular identify peak periods and increased usage and demand which will inform future developments both within the Chi Wah Learning Commons and for new facilities across other areas of the campus.

Since opening, the Chi Wah Learning Commons has had a large number of visitors including potential students and other Universities looking to develop similar facilities.  Visitors to the Learning Commons are still very welcome and can either arrange with the Learning Environment Services Team for a guided tour or simply drop in for a more informal visit.  All main entrances to the learning commons are staffed and the staff on duty will be happy to assist.  Please note, that the gates by the lift lobbies although not staffed will be monitored by staff located at the Information Counters close by.

 access gate


Access gate

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