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New High Throughput Computing (HTC) Service to be Released

Research Computing Support at the University

ITS offers a range of computing facilities including high performance computing (HPC) and grid computing to support the multi-disciplinary research projects at the University that require intensive computational power and resources.  A variety of scientific software tools are made available on these facilities and you can find the list at http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research/hpc/software.

New High Throughput Computing service

To explore the full potential of the University’s research computing facilities, we will leverage on the existing computing resources and soon introduce a new High Throughput Computing (HTC) service.  Different from the HPC, which is designed for parallelized scientific applications/programs through distributing workload over many tightly coupled compute nodes, HTC utilizes a bunch of independent nodes each with moderate amount of resources. Research projects suitable for HTC are either serial by nature, or embarrassingly parallel, i.e. they can be easily broken down into smaller, independent sub-problems that can be solved in shorter timeframe.

With technology advancement, desktop PCs nowadays are powerful enough for general research computing use. HTCondor, which is developed at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and widely used in HTC, can effectively manage and exploit commodity computers, such as desktop PCs.  The mechanism is to take spare computing power from idle machines and put it to good use for researches.   We are working to kick off this HTC initiative by utilizing the existing communal PCs in the Chi Wah Learning Commons and those in classrooms KB110 and CPD3.41.   Please stay tuned with us on the latest development.

The research computing support service offered by ITS is available to all University staff and students who have to tackle computational intensive problems.  For more details on this service, please visit  http://www.its.hku.hk/services/research or email GROUP-ITS-HPC@hku.hk.


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