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Message from the Director - Invitation to ITS Project Update Sessions in November 2013

Dear Colleagues,

The University has been two months into the 2013/14 academic year.  I hope things are moving ahead as planned for you.

I recall this time last year, colleagues in IT Services were still very much engaged in sorting out technical issues with equipment in classrooms of the new Centennial Campus; operating the Chi Wah Learning Commons while several contractors were still there completing their outstanding works; and making sure the University’s IT infrastructure and systems were running hassle-free after a major upgrade to incorporate the new campus and to cope with the double cohort of new students.  I am pleased to report that things have been very much settled down now.  I wish to assure you that we will continue doing our utmost to enhance the University’s IT and learning environments; and as always we need inputs from you, as well as from our students, along the way.

We have recently initiated a number of major projects, which in our opinion have significance to the University and will have impact on most departments and/or staff members.   These projects include -

-     Launching of enhanced private cloud services;

-     Enforcement of technical standards for connecting equipment to the campus network;

-     University-wide smart card systems upgrade;

-     Learning environment surveys;

-     High Performance Computing facilities for cutting-edge scientific research;

-     Strengthening of Information Security protection; and

-     Feasibility study on outsourcing of staff email services.

I would like to invite you to one of the following two repeated two-hour sessions when the above projects will be presented and discussed –

                   Session 1:   7 November 2013 (Thursday)   14:30 – 16:30

                                      Theatre A, Chow Yei Ching Building

                   Session 2:   13 November 2013 (Wednesday)   09:30 – 11:30

                                      P2, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building

We hope to solicit your initial views on each of the projects during the two sessions. Depending on your interests and feedback, we may arrange separate discussion sessions on specific projects afterwards.   

I look forward to discussing the projects with you.   Please register your session through the following links -

Session 1 (7 November 2013):          http://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_hdetail.aspx?&UEID=27285

Session 2 (13 November 2013):        http://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_hdetail.aspx?&UEID=27287


Danny Tang
Director of IT Services