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Renewal of Departmental Accounts 2013

Departments may apply for departmental accounts for departmental projects, group works and visiting scholars, etc.   All departmental accounts are renewable on an annual basis.

The annual renewal exercise for 2013 is on-going. Holders of departmental accounts will receive an email renewal notification; and they will be requested to indicate through an online form if their departmental accounts have to be renewed for another year.  

There may be cases where the holder of a departmental account has already left the University; the department may consider transferring the ownership of the account to another staff member.  Starting from this year, requests for transferring account ownership can be made on the same online form at the time of account renewal.  It should be noted that transfer ownership of departmental accounts must be endorsed by Head of Department concerned.    

Please note that all departmental accounts not renewed by 30 November 2013 will be removed.


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