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Upgrade of Software on Communal PCs

During this summer, we have standardized the operating system version and upgraded a number of application software packages on communal PCs in the Chi Wah Learning Commons, Run Run Shaw Building PC laboratories (RR-101, 103 and 201), and innovative classrooms CPD-3.41 and KB-110. The application software packages upgraded are as follows.



Original Version

Current Version


Statistical tool

Version 20

Version 21


Publishing and managing bibliographies




Geographic information system

Version 9

Version 10


Statistical tool

Version 2.1.5

Version 3

Microsoft Visual Studio

Programming environment

Version 2005

Version 2010

Acrobat Reader

PDF reader

Version X

Version XI


It is worth highlighting that the popular statistical tool SPSS is now available on all PCs at the locations mentioned above.  For details on the software availability, please refer to our website at http://www.its.hku.hk/services/tl/pclab/pc/software.


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