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Message from the Director - Preparing for a New Academic Year

The 2013/14 academic year is due to start in a few days.  It gives me much pleasure to welcome new staff and students joining the University, as well as colleagues and students returning from the summer break.

As soon as the 2012/13 academic year was over, we have been working on a number of projects in preparing for the new academic year.  The notable ones related to the University’s teaching and learning environments include adding access gates to the Chi Wah Learning Commons; reviewing and refining the support and advisory services offered in the Learning Commons; adding PC’s to Room KB110 in the Oval, and CPD 3.41 in the Centennial Campus; completing the outstanding work for lecture recording in lecture theatres and classrooms in the Centennial Campus; strengthening the integration between the Student Information System and the Moodle Learning Management System; upgrading Moodle to the latest Release 2.4.4 and adding a number of new plugins to it; and implementing a new Version 1.2 of the HKU App.    

In the next two weeks or so of the new academic year, we are going to introduce to new colleagues and several thousand new students the University’s IT environment, and to assist them to start using the wide spectrum of IT facilities and resources available to them.  We will have display boards set up on the ground floor of the Main Library and the Chi Wah Learning Commons giving an overview of the University’s IT infrastructure, systems and services, and the central teaching and learning facilities.  Along with that, there will be introductory talks for staff and students on the spectrum of services that we offer; as well as talks for teachers on Moodle and the Panopto lecture recording system.

Last but not least, I want to remind colleagues and students that the new Version 1.2 of the HKU App is now available for downloading from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  In this new version, besides enhancements to the existing functions, there are new functions, such as information on opening hours of central Learning Facilities, near real-time information on PC Availability, Staff Directory, and updates on Information Security.  Moreover, as a new feature, functions that are available only to staff and students but not to the public are now grouped under “Staff Corner” and “Student Corner” respectively, and access to them require authentication of identity.  


Danny Tang
Director of ITS