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Updates on the Lecture Capture Solution "Panopto"

The University has adopted the Panopto platform for recording lectures and events for subsequent viewing by students over the network.  All lecture theatres and about half of the classrooms in the Centennial Campus, and all classrooms inside the Oval on the first floor of the Knowles Building, are equipped with ceiling-mounted cameras and wireless microphones for use with Panopto. 

Besides recording inside lecture theatres or classrooms, the Panopto "recorder" software can be easily installed and used on iPhone as well as PCs with a video camera and a microphone.  In other words, teachers may do their recordings in their own offices and even at home.

After announcement of a pilot operation of Panopto in April 2013, a number of teachers have been using it for creating multimedia recordings (referred to as "Pancasts") before or during lectures.

Recently, we have received a number of enquiries on the differences between Panopto and other video capturing products, particularly Camtasia, which is being used by some teachers.  We have therefore designed a new course "Jump Start for Camtasia users to use Panopto for Lecture Video Capturing" [PAN-003] to explain the differences between Panopto and Camtasia; and to assist teachers to choose between the two to suit their teaching purposes. 

Please visit the ITS eLearning training courses website to view the details of the courses and the schedule.

For questions on using Panopto, please free feel to contact elearingteam@hku.hk or the undersigned.


Kenneth Siu
Tel: 3917 8708
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