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Message from the Director - 2013 ITS Planning Workshop

I am pleased to report that a 2-day ITS Planning Workshop was held in the Medical Alumni Chamber of the Faculty of Medicine Building on 30 and 31 May 2013.  Twenty-three ITS staff members attended the Workshop to consider new initiatives proposed for implementation in the next 12 to 18 months.

The Workshop was kicked off with a one-hour dialogue with Prof. Roland Chin, DVC and Provost, to set the stage for subsequent discussions.  Prof. Chin shared with the attendees an update on the appointment of Mr. Steven Cannon as the new Executive Vice President; the challenges the University was facing; his views regarding the extent of IT decentralization in the University; and the importance for ITS staff to keep abreast of IT development in the higher education arena. 

ITS Planning Workshop - 1

Prof. Roland Chin, DVC and Provost (right) and
Dr Danny Tang, Director of IT Services (left) at the ITS Planning Workshop

In the Workshop, each ITS Section Head led a 3-hour session to discuss the new initiatives proposed by his/her Section.  A total of 12 initiatives were critically reviewed in those two days.  The proposals covered costing and prioritization of system works; security and development standards for administrative applications; mobile administrative applications development; learning environment improvements; data analytics for big data; new online forms for requesting IT services; user communication channels; deployment of cloud services; control and efficiency in IT infrastructure management; new High Performance Computing (HPC) server for scientific research; integrating project management practices in ITS projects; and surveillance of IT vulnerabilities.

ITS Planning Workshop - 2 ITS Planning Workshop - 3

Active discussions during the Workshop -
colleagues answering questions from the floor

A group photo at the end of the Workshop

We believe all these new initiatives will bring values to the University either directly or indirectly through improvement of ITS operation.  Each initiative carries its own merits and costs.  The proposals are now being refined based on the feedback gathered from the Workshop.  The ITS management team will prioritize the proposals in mid-July for implementation.  Any updates you may hear from us on development of new services or enhancement of existing ones in the next couple of years may be driven by some of the initiatives we considered in the Workshop. 


Danny Tang
Director of IT Services