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Upgrade of Web Conferencing Service "Adobe Connect"

We are pleased to inform our users that Adobe Connect, which is the web conferencing software supported by ITS, has been upgraded from version 7.0 to 9.0. 

Adobe Connect 9.0 has the following new features -

  • support access from mobile devices using the “Adobe Connect Mobile” App.  Users can download the Adobe Connect Mobile Apps and join meetings using a smart phone or tablet with a camera. The App is available on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry platforms (search ‘Adobe Connect’ in Apple App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry World);
  • pause and resume recordings during live sessions; and
  • automatic installation of browser plug-in, which means that no pre-installation of the plug-in is required for conducting web conferencing meetings 

Besides upgrading the software version, we have also enhanced the web conferencing service through -

  • migrating the hosting server from a standalone machine to ITS Cloud to provide higher level of resilience;
  • upgrading the Windows operating system for better performance, and protection against security vulnerability

This upgrade is transparent to users and registered users can continue using the web conferencing service through the same URL http://webconf.hku.hk with the SAME user name and password. 


Accessing Adobe Connect 9.0

Users need to create an account by completing form CF43 "Reservation of Video Collaboration Device/Service & Application for Video Server Account" to use the web conferencing service.

The URL to access the web conferencing service remains unchanged after the upgrade as follows -

Meeting Administration page: http://webconf.hku.hk
Meeting URL: http://webconf.hku.hk/<meeting name>
(You will be redirected to the secured HTTPS site)

The user guide of Adobe Connect 9.0 can be found at http://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/communication/conferencing/webconf.

For enquiry, please contact our Helpdesk at 2859 2480 or email to ithelp@hku.hk.


Kenneth Yip
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