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Upgrade of Printing Facility in PC Laboratories in Run Run Shaw Building

uPrint in RRS PC Laboratory

As described in our Newsletter no. 161, we have extended uPrint, which is a feature-rich print-anywhere service, to the PC laboratories in the Run Run Shaw Building (RRS) and the Old Library Building (OLB) in the past few months.

To further improve the user experience in using our printing service and to minimize the confusion that users may have in maintaining two printing budgets, we replaced all printers in the PC laboratories in RRS,  which is the location with the highest volume of printing, with uPrint printers on April 9, 2013.    After the full adoption of uPrint in RRS, we find that paper wastage has been much reduced as there is almost no uncollected printout left at the printers.  Also, there is seldom a queue at a printer waiting to collect printouts as students can collect printouts from any uPrint printers instead of designated ones as before.  Better system performance and less downtime are also benefits that uPrint brings to our users. Users may transfer any remaining printing units in the PC Lab printing budget to the uPrint budget via the link https://hkuesd.hku.hk:8000/quotatrans/servlet/TransferPrintQuota or using the designated PC in RRS-104.  


uPrint Usage

The uPrint service was first introduced in the Chi Wah Learning Commons in September 2012, and has now been extended to RRS and OLB.  From the usage statistics, we can see that it is getting more and more popular as the usage had increased by more than five folds from September 2012 to March 2013. 

From Chart 1 below, we can see that uPrint usage has surpassed PC Lab printing since February 2013.  We envisage that the usage of PC Lab printing will further reduce after the upgrade of printers in RRS. 

uPrint usage

The old PC Lab Printing service is available only in OLB now.  It will be phased out entirely once the renovation work on the first floor of OLB is done, tentatively by the end of 2013.

If you have any questions or comments related to the uPrint service, please contact the undersigned.


Davis Tong
Tel: 2241 5719
Email: davistong@hku.hk