Octopus Talk and Exhibition

The Chi Wah Learning Commons had its first talk cum exhibition held during 22 to 27 February 2003 in conjunction with the Octopus Cards Limited.   A pioneer in contactless smart card applications, Octopus is now an integral part of everyday life in Hong Kong.  With 22 million cards in circulation and over 12 million transactions daily (i.e., more than 135 transactions per second), Octopus is widely used as a payment platform in both the transport and the retail sectors.  It also supports access control for commercial and residential buildings, and in schools and leisure facilities.

The Talk

From Proven Strengths to New Horizons

Octopus’ success story – from a home-grown brand to a global premier contactless smartcard payment system

On 22 February 2013, Mr. Sunny Cheung, CEO, and Mr. Sammy Kam, Technical Director, of Octopus Holdings Limited gave a talk on how Octopus, as a home grown brand, had evolved to become one of the world’s most successful contactless smart cards; the business model of the company locally, in the Mainland, and internationally; and the overall technical environment in support of the Octopus operation including processing of a huge volume of transactions daily through its clearing house.  The talk was very well received by over 100 staff and students of the University.  Moreover, the talk was also broadcasted on the two video walls inside the Chi Wah Learning Commons.

Audience at the Octopus Talk

Audience at the Octopus Talk held on 22 February 2013
Trophy of appreciation

(from left to right) Mr. Sunny Cheung, CEO of Octopus Holdings Limited, Dr. Danny Tang, Director of IT Services of HKU, and Mr. Sammy Kam, Technical Director of Octopus Holdings Limited


During 22-27 February, Octopus Cards Limited held an exhibition on the ground floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons. The exhibition featured display of corporate information; various types of Octopus cards and products;  Octopus Bus Processor (passenger unit and driver unit); Portable Octopus Processor Reader; main board and antenna inside a card reader; and live demo of OctoCheck which is a free smart phone application for checking transactions and remaining value on Octopus cards.


Octopus Exhibition on ground floor of Chi Wah Learning Commons

Upcoming Events

Besides the Octopus event, which was incredibly successful, there are two other exhibitions already lined up at the Chi Wah Learning Commons in the next two months. 




“Science | Art Crossover – Visualizing Science via Creative Lens and Interactive Art”

4-15 March 2013

The exhibition showcases students’ artworks from a one-day programme.  The artworks include photographs, paintings, LEGO models, and some paper and plastic models. 

(For details, please visit the Faculty of Science website: http://www.scifac.hku.hk/community/projects/sciencexart)

“Germany and France: Half a Century of Friendship and Cooperation”

18 April - 3 May, 2013

The exhibition celebrates the 50 years of the Elysee Treaty which has sealed a long-lasting friendship and cooperation between Germany and France.


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