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New Innovative Classrooms in Centennial Campus


We are pleased to announce opening of nine innovative classrooms in the Centennial Campus for use from the second semester onwards, in addition to the forty-seven classrooms and nineteen lecture theatres there.

These nine innovative classrooms, which have a very different design compared to conventional classrooms, provide another type of teaching spaces for class instruction, tutorials and various kinds of interactive and group activities.  These rooms are distributed on three levels in the Central Podium of the Centennial Campus as follows -


Classroom number




CPD-G.01 and CPD-G.03


CPD-LG.46, CPD-LG.54, CPD-LG.59, CPD-LG.60, CPD-LG.61* and CPD-LG.62*

* CPD-LG.61 and CPD-LG.62 can be combined into one when necessary.

Setup and Facilities

Except for CPD-LG.54, which is a Drama Room, furniture in innovative classrooms is set up in clusters to facilitate group discussions and class interactions.  A LED display is installed near each cluster to facilitate discussion among students.  A teacher may show the work of a group of students on one display to other chosen displays through a touch control panel.

Photos of Innovative Classrooms CPD-3.41 (left) and CPD-LG.46 (right)

CPD-3.41 CPD-LG.46

Control Panel in Innovative Classrooms

Control Panel

Drama Room

CPD-LG.54 is a drama room with a high ceiling and a catwalk stage with spotlights and special room effect setting.  It can be used for drama practice and performance, and even film showing.

Drama Room CPD-LG.54



Booking of Innovative Classrooms

Like other central classrooms, the innovative classrooms are available for booking from the Examinations Unit of the Registry.  For teachers who would like to relocate their classes to the innovative classrooms in the Second Semester, please contact the Examinations Unit by calling 2859 2445 or email roombook@hku.hk for necessary arrangements.


Training Classes on the Use of AV/IT Facilities in Innovative Classrooms

Training classes on the use of the AV/IT facilities in the Centennial Campus classrooms, including the Innovative Classrooms, will be offered in January 2013.  Details are as follows -




January 18, 2013 (Friday)

10:00 – 11:30 a.m.


January 22, 2013 (Tuesday)

12:30 – 2:00 p.m.


AV/IT facilities in central classrooms are supported by the Learning Environment Services (LES) of ITS.  Please call our hotlines 3917 8888 (for Centennial Campus classrooms) and 2241 5122 (for Main Campus classrooms) for assistance.


Wilson Kwok
Tel: 3917 8706
Email: wilsonkwok@hku.hk