Update on uPrint Service

As you may know, a new printing service called uPrint has been launched in the Chi Wah Learning Commons in the Centennial Campus (see ITS News Issue No. 158 for details).  

uPrint, which is a feature-rich cloud printing service for printing and copying in black and white, and colour, has gained popularity since its launch on 17 September.  By 15 October, there had been over 1,900 distinct users using the service; and each of them consumed 66 printing units on average in a month’s time.  Besides printing, the copying service of uPrint has also been well received.        

ITS continues supporting the PC Lab printing service in the PC laboratories (RRS-103 and OLB-134) in the Main Campus.  The table below shows the distribution of printing usage between the uPrint service in the Learning Commons and the PC Lab printing service in the PC laboratories by weeks between 16 September and 13 October:



Black and white printing
Usage distribution

Color printing
Usage distribution

uPrint in Learning Commons

Printing in RR-103 and OLB-134

uPrint in Learning Commons

Printing in RR-103 and OLB-134

16 Sep – 22 Sep





23 Sep – 29 Sep

16% (↑)

84% (↓)

22% (↑)

78% (↓)

30 Sep – 6 Oct



39% (↑)

61% (↓)

7 Oct – 13 Oct

20% (↑)

80% (↓)



The arrows (↑) and (↓) in the table show the increase and decrease respectively in percentage of printing using the service in the week compared to that in the previous week.


Phasing out of PC Lab Printing

As one may notice from the above table, there is a tendency of users shifting from using PC Lab printing to uPrint. Comparing to PC Lab printing, uPrint offers much better user experience in terms of higher performance, flexibility in managing print jobs by users, and authentication control in avoiding one’s printouts being picked up by others by mistake.    

In order to enhance the printing facility in our PC laboratories, we will gradually replace PC Lab printing with uPrint.  As the first step, a printer supporting uPrint will be installed in RR-104 in November 2012.  An Add Value Machine (AVM) will also be added in the laboratory for users to purchase printing unit for use with uPrint. 

As the systems supporting uPrint and PC printing are different, each user has two separate print budgets.  Should there be a need, a user could transfer his/her print units from the PC Lab printing budget to the uPrint budget through a simple step at http://www.its.hku.hk/help/print-utilities > Check Print Quotas & Transfer Print Unit from PC Lab Printing to uPrint after logging into the HKU Portal.   Please note that budget transfer from uPrint to PC Lab Printing is NOT supported.  The hassle of having to manage two print budgets will vanish as soon as the migration from PC Lab printing to uPrint is completed.


Service Extension – uPrint for Notebook PCs

We are pleased to announce that uPrint has now been extended to support printing from users’ own notebook PCs running Windows Vista or Windows 7.  As many students are bringing their notebook PCs to the University, we believe this new service will be well received.

In order to enjoy the convenience of uPrint, users need to complete a one-time configuration on their notebook PCs.  The configuration procedures and user guide on using the uPrint service are at http://www.its.hku.hk/documentation/guide/tl/lc/uprint

If you have any questions or comments related to the uPrint service, please feel free to contact the undersigned.



Davis Tong
Tel: 2241 5719
Email: davistong@hku.hk