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Update on Learning Environment at Centennial Campus

Opening of the Second Floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons (智華館)

We are most pleased to announce the opening of the second floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons on 9 October 2012, in less than a month after the opening of the first floor on 17 September 2012.  The Chi Wah Learning Commons has been very well received by students, with most if not all the seats occupied from 11 am till dinner time on weekdays.

The second floor of the Learning Commons exhibits a contemporary style, and is more colourful than the first floor.  It provides additional spaces, including a reading room; group study rooms and sitting booths of different designs; areas with bean bags of various shapes and colours; and single workstations, for individual and collaborative learning. 

Like the first floor, the second floor is well provided with wireless (WiFi) and wired networking capability, audio-visual facilities are available in most group study rooms, all-in-one desktop PCs are dispersed across the floor, A4/A3 black/white and colour printers are available for printing and copying.  There is another video wall on this floor, which is now undergoing test and commissioning.

Learning Spaces in Second Floor of the Chi Wah Learning Commons

Student Advisory Services in the Chi Wah Learning Commons

Unique to the second floor of the Learning Commons is an area designated as a Student Advisory Services Zone where students may seek advice from a number of departments, namely the Academic Advising Office (AAO), Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES), Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), and the University Libraries. The Zone has commenced operation on 15 October 2012.  Students may make an appointment for meeting with a department’s advisors in the Zone by visiting the web site of the department.


New Capabilities in Classrooms of the Centennial Campus

Projecting a teacher’s own laptop

A teacher can now bring his or her own laptop (running Windows or MacOS) to class; and project the laptop display on the projector screen.   A spare VGA video interface cable is available in each classroom for connecting a teacher’s laptop to the projector.  The instructions for connection can be found in the User Guide inside the room.  

A teacher will need to borrow a suitable adaptor from a Learning Environment Services (LES) counter (Knowles Building Room UG-05 or Service Counter 1 on 1/F of the Chi Wah Learning Commons) in advance if his/her laptop requires a video interface other than VGA, such as mini-DP for a Mac, DP or HDMI.   Please see the floor plan for location of LES counters and take note of the counter service hours.

If you find that the projector receives no video signal (a blue screen is shown), check the control panel on the wall to ensure that the input source is correctly chosen.  If you want to show the display of the classroom laptop, select “Classroom Laptop” on the control panel.  If you connect your own laptop instead, select “Teacher’s Laptop” on the control panel AND make sure you have connected the cable correctly.

Playing DVD

A teacher may now use either “VLC player” or “UM player” to play DVD of all region codes.

Classrooms in the Centennial Campus

Need More Information or Help

More information about LES is available at the LES website.  You may also call our hotline 3917 8888 for assistance.



Dana Lau
Learning Environment Services
Phone: 2859 2453
Email: danalau@hku.hk