Update on the Moodle System

Moodle Usage

After commencement of the new academic year, we have received a lot more enquiries from teachers and students on the use of Moodle. 

As of 15 October 2012, a total of 1,473 Moodle courses were enabled for student access by teachers, of which 438 courses were enabled on the first three days of the new academic year.

The following diagram shows the number of distinct users accessing Moodle by hours on 11, 12 and 15 October.  It can be seen that we had on average of over 1,500 distinct users per hour accessing Moodle between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm for these three days.  On 15 October (Monday), we had a peak of over 2,200 users in a hour.

Moodle Usage

In order to cope with the increase in system loading, two new web servers were added to the web server pool for Moodle in September, making a total of five web servers serving staff and students.  Web service requests for accessing Moodle are distributed evenly across these five web servers by a load balancer.


Release of New Moodle Plugins and Support Block

Two new plugins – Quickmail and Questionnaire - were added to the Moodle system in September 2012.

  • Quickmail provides emailing capability inside Moodle courses.  This plugin allows teachers to send emails to students.
    • Sending regular emails
    • Emails can have attachments
    • Keeping email history
    • Sending emails with student groups
  • Questionnaire is a survey-like function.  It allows teachers to create a set of questions to solicit feedback from students.

Moreover, a "Moodle support" block has been added to the homepage of every Moodle course.  The block contains Frequently Asked Questions and other useful information as can be seen in the following screen capture -

For any enquiries on the Moodle system, please email to eLearningTeam@hku.hk.


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