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Information Technology Services (資訊科技服務) is our New Name

It gives me much pleasure to announce to our users that the University Council, at its meeting on 25 September 2012, approved the Computer Centre be renamed as Information Technology Services (IT Services).  Isn’t it true that the name has already been changed for several years?  Some of you may ask.  Let me share with you some background to this change.

The Computer Centre was first established in 1969.  A few courses in computer studies were offered for the first time in the University by the Centre in 1975 to students of the Faculty of Science.  In recognition of its dual roles in both teaching and servicing, the Centre was renamed the Centre of Computer Studies and Applications (CCSA) in 1981.  In 1988, the Department of Computer Science was formally established; and CCSA was renamed Computer Centre again, a name which has been used for the last 24 years.

In the 1980’s, computer technology was well accepted to be at the centre of electronic data processing.  With the advancement of technology, while computers remain part and parcel of information technology today, the term "computer" has a much narrower meaning than, and can hardly be used interchangeably with, the term "information technology".

Along with technological advancement, the role of the Computer Centre in the University has expanded remarkably over the last twenty odd years, from managing just a small set of computers, systems and user terminals in the 1980’s to deploying and managing a large, advanced IT environment for over 30,000 users today.  It is not difficult to recognize that IT services are indispensible in every facet of the University’s activities.  The name Computer Centre no longer reflects the wide spectrum of information technology and associated services the Centre delivers.

In 2008, the Director of Computer Centre was renamed the Director of Information Technology Services.  The two names - Computer Centre and Information Technology Services - have been used interchangeably since then.  There is considerable doubt to some, particularly external parties, as to which one is our official name, and whether there is still a Director of Computer Centre.  Moreover, the acronym "CC", which was used to stand for "Computer Centre", is being used by some to refer to "Centennial Campus" or even "Common Core" Curriculum.

Our new name, Information Technology Services, gives a more accurate account of our role as an entity in the University, and the formal adoption of it removes the confusion over names, which has been with us for several years.  Moreover, the name Information Technology Services does not come with the word "Centre", "Office" or the like, in order that it emphasizes more on the nature of our work than a physical or organizational demarcation that one may easily associate with such words.  Today, users of IT no longer need to come to us for the majority, if not all, of our services.  Information Technology Services are accessible anytime, anywhere; and this is how we want ourselves to be recognized and thus named.   


Danny Tang
Director of IT Services
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