HKU Proxy Service Update

In the Webster dictionary, "proxy" means "a person authorized to act for another". On the Internet, the proxy serves the following purposes: The first HKU proxy was installed on the central Information Server (see CC News Oct-Dec 1995).  Since that time, network usage has increased many fold and the proxy service had been very strained. In order to relieve the loading on the HKU web server, we have disabled the proxy service on ( so that it is no longer available.  Users are advised to configure their web browsers with the following proxy settings: The use of the automatic proxy is recommended as it allows our Centre's staff to suitably add/remove proxy servers to our network configuration without any user disruption.  Users can go on using the proxy service without noticing any adverse effect from maintenance work done on any of our proxy servers.  For details on the HKU proxy settings, please refer to Computer Centre's FAQ page on PPP.

When using the HKUPPP, ACEnet , Hallnet or VPN networks, you must configure the proxy server in your browser or you will not be able to access websites outside of HKU.

Please contact the undersigned if you have any enquiries about the HKU proxy service.

KC Chang
Tel: 2859 7972

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