A New Optical Mark Reading (OMR) Scanner System Will Soon Be Installed

Computer Centre has been providing an OMR scanning service for many years with an NCS OpScan system. Answers to a multiple-choice examination or a survey would be marked on pre-printed answer sheets which are fed into the optical scanner for processing.  The OMR reads the answers and records the data into a file in the PC attached to the scanner.  This data file can be further processed or analysed with the use of software programs to produce statistical reports.

After serving for more than 9 years, this OMR system is due to retire as the hardware is worn out and is no longer easy to service when it breaks down.  A new model of the NCS OpScan 3 system has recently been acquired to replace the old scanner.  The new system will be compatible with the old NCS OpScan5, and will be running under the Windows 98 environment.  The scanning software will be more user-friendly than the current system which still runs under DOS.

More information on the new OMR system will be released once it is delivered and installed.  The current system is in Room 104 in the Run Run Shaw Building.  If you wish to use our Centre's OMR system to help you mark your multiple choice examinations, please contact the undersigned.

W.K. Kwan
Tel: 2857 8631
E-mail: hcxckwk@hkucc.hku.hk

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