Improvement of the Hall Network at Sassoon Road

Computer Centre is undertaking a network improvement project for the student residence halls at Sassoon Road.  The main purpose is to alleviate the network traffic congestion problem which occurs during the peak hours at late night to early morning. Some additional fibre cables and network equipment have been installed for serving the student residential halls in that area, namely the Lee Hysan Hall, R.C. Lee Hall, Wei Lun Hall and the Madam S.H. Ho Residence for Medical Students.


After the re-routing and network improvement work which was finished on 8th March 2001, the R. C. Lee Hall and Wei Lun Hall have their own subnet while Lee Hysan Hall and Madam S.H. Ho Residence Hall share one subnet. By dividing the halls into different subnets, the broadcast traffic cannot pass from one hall to another, therefore, the network traffic within each hall will be decongested significantly.

Should you have any questions relating to the network improvement work for the halls at Sassoon Road, please contact the undersigned.

Katherine Kwok
Tel: 2859 2497

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