Site Licensing Arrangement for WinZip Product

WinZip is an archive utility for Windodws.  It is used to compress (zip) and decompress (unzip) files.  A zip file contains many smaller files compressed into one for ease of downloading. Most files available on FTP sites for downloading are zip files.  A zip file may decompress itself when it is downloaded to your PC (self-extracting), or it may ask you to run a zip program to decompress the files before you install it.

Computer Centre is now coordinating a site-licensing arrangement on the WinZip licenses for the departments of the University in order to take advantage of the bulk volume purchase discount and to offer cost-effective and easy-to-manage licensing program for the benefits of the departments.

Below are some highlights of the arrangement:

  • The price for the WinZip License is offered at HK$20 per copy.
  • Under this site-licensing program, all the WinZip licenses are entitled to free upgrades for two years covering the period from 1 April 2001 to 31 March 2003.
  • The licenses can either be installed on stand-alone workstations or on a networked file server provided that an individual WinZip license is acquired for each workstation that will access the licenses through the network at different times or concurrently.
  • Computer Centre will distribute a copy of the upgrade version of the software to each participating department whenever it is available.
  • The English Language version of the license supports Window95/98/2000.
  • If you are using the evaluation copy of the license, please note that you are required to buy a copy of the license in order to continue the legitimate use after the expiry of the 21-day evaluation period. For detailed pricing information on the WinZip licenses, please refer to our web page at

    For further enquiries on the above site-licensing program, please contact our Miss Kitty Ng or Miss Alittlebit Yeung at 2859-2491.

    Ivy Chui
    Tel: 2859-2491

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