An Update on Our General Purpose Computer Systems

Upgraded Systems
We are pleased to announce that the HKUSUA and HKUSUB systems have been upgraded successfully.  Please refer to a previous article on  "Progress of  the SUN E10000 upgrade" for details.  The HKUSUA and HKUSUB systems are the general purpose computing servers for all our students.
After this hardware upgrade, the HKUSUA system now has 10 CPUs with 7 GB of main memory while the HKUSUB system has 12 CPUs with 8 GB of main memory.  Users should have observed much improvement in systems response time after the upgrade.  We shall continue to monitor the system performance to provide our users with good system performance.
We are also pleased to report that we have fixed the bug in the MATHLAB program in the HKUSUA system.  About a month ago, some users have reported to us that an error occurred while using the "signal processing" option in the MATHLAB system.  The error has been identified as a file-access problem which has now been fixed.  We want to thank our users who reported the program bugs and we also appreciate their patience.
Retiring Systems
We are announcing the retirement of the HKUJNT computer which has served as the central JUPAS (Joint University Programmes Admissions System) for more than five years - a system to allow students to apply for admission to any of the eight tertiary institutions by filling out only one application form.  The central JUPAS system is now supported by more powerful machines housed at the Examination Authority.  For details of the central system, please contact the JUPAS Office at Tel:2859 2774.
We are also planning to retire the HKUMD1 system which has served for 9 years as a general host server for the University's staff working in the premises in the Queen Mary Hospital.  The server was placed in our Sassoon Road campus near the users' site because the network connection between the Queen Mary Hospital and the main campus was only a 56Kbps link at that time.  At present, the main campus and the Queen Mary Hospital and the Sassoon Road campus are connected by 10Mbps links.

All the staff working in the Queen Mary Hospital and Sassoon Road have computer accounts in our main host servers (HKUSUA and HKUCC) in the main campus, and the importance of the HKUMD1 system is now much reduced.  We are planning to move the existing applications on HKUMD1 system to the HKUSUA system.  If there is any concern about the change, please contact Charles Cheung at Tel:2859 2488.

Finally, we are announcing the obsolescence of the XEROX's 8900 Series 2 Plotter for the HKUGIS system.  This decision is due to under use and high cost for maintenance on this special purpose plotter.  The plotter has been installed for more than five years and it is only linked to the HKUGIS (Geographical Information System).  If there is any enquiry about the plotter, please contact Charles Cheung at Tel: 2859 2488.
Charles Cheung
Tel: 2859 2488

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