The Electronic Form Submission System

In October 2000, we announced the launching of the Form Submission system, which is designed to help departments convert their paper-based application forms to paperless web-based application systems.  The use of web forms in collecting data is fast and direct, eliminates human errors in re-typing, and saves time in passing the forms from one department to another. However, if applicant authentication cannot be resolved, the web form is still not a practical solution. With the advent of the electronic service delivery in HKU, the HKU-Certificates can now authenticate an applicant's identity.

We started our pilot use of the Form Submission system in some applications for Computer Centre's services.  The Form Submission system was also introduced to several departments to obtain their input and feedback. After the trial use and enhancement of the system in the past few months, we are now ready to extend this service to other departments in the university who are interested in adopting this technology for on-line applications of their services.

Using the highly secure digital signature infrastructure supported by the HKUCA, the Form Submission system allows applications to be submitted and verified on-line. Receiving departments will be notified automatically and immediately, and an automatic reply will be sent by the Form Submission system to acknowledge the receipt of the applications.  The Form Submission system aims at benefiting both the applicant and the department in the following ways:

For Users, they can

For Departments, they can

In order to promote the use of electronic applications to enhance efficiency in service delivery and to move towards a paperless environment, we would like to help departments to setup their own ESD applications with the Form Submission system. We hope that departments can focus mainly on designing their operation procedures to convenience and serve their users better. Computer Centre is currently working closely with the Office of Student Affairs in setting up some of their services on the Form Submission system.

If you have any further questions on the Form Submission system or would like to discuss with us how you can use the web form to facilitate the submission of your department's application forms, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Eric Lam
Tel: 2546 3793

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