Computer Centre User Survey 2000

Welcome to the CC Survey

A user survey on computer services provided by the HKU Computer Centre is being conducted in electronic format at website  from December 22, 2000 to January 31, 2001.

Please take this opportunity to participate in this Computer Centre Web Survey and give us your valuable feedback on the quality and your satisfaction level of the computer services provided by the HKU Computer Centre .

What is the Survey about and How will it benefit me?

We feel that it is important to let our users rate the importance and their satisfaction of the computer and network services we provide.  The benefit of the survey is that your opinions and feedback will help us in identifying areas in which we are doing well and areas in which we need improvement, and also, which services are most important to you, so that we can focus our effort on what you want and provide better services in those areas.

In this survey, you are asked to rate the importance and your satisfaction level of the overall computer services we provide on a scale of 1 to 5 with
    Importance (1= not at all important, 5= most important, 0= not applicable)
    Satisfaction (1= not at all satisfied, 5= most satisfied, 0= not applicable)
Be sure to put down your responses in this section of the survey to give us your feedback.

How do I fill out a web form?

The web survey is made of radio buttons, checkboxes, text boxes and pull-down selection lists.  To select a radio button  or a checkbox  ,  click the little round circle or tick the little square. To select from the drop down list ,  click the little downward arrow to drop down the list, then select an option by clicking on it.  To fill in the text boxes , click in the text box and type in the characters or numbers.   Lastly, you must click the   button to submit the completed web form.

What will we do with the Survey Results?

The survey data collected from this process will be analysed and reported at the conclusion of the survey and the results will be published in the next issue of the Computer News.  Data analysis will be performed using the SAS package.

Computer Centre would like to thank you for your participation. We are sure that your response will assist us in the development of new facilities and services to reflect the requirements of all of our users.

I have decided to participate.  Where is the Survey form?

Simply click the following link to get into the survey. This webpage is in the intranet and is only accessible from the HKU network. If you are using an ISP's network service, you cannot access it.  Answer each question in the survey that is applicable to you and leave the non-applicable questions blank.  Thank you for taking the time to help us know ourselves and you better.
Mabel Chau
Tel: 2859 8934

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