Termination of the HKURSC Service

We would like to inform our users that all services supported by the HKURSC system (running AIX 3.2.5) were terminated on 30 November 2000.

The applications previously run on the HKURSC system, including the SPLUS, SPSS and Mathematica, are now available on the HKUSUA system. (It is a SUN Enterprise 10000 system running Solaris 2.6.) Furthermore, the Mathematica and SPSS systems installed on the HKUSUA are newer versions, as follows:

Please contact the undersigned if you have any enquiries about the phasing out of the HKURSC system.

KC Chang
Tel: 2859 7972
E-mail: kcchang@hkusua.hku.hk

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