Applying for HKU-Cert (digital certificate) through Intranet Systems for Staff and Students

Since the launch of the HKU-Cert * (digital certificates) issuing service by Computer Centre on 22nd September 2000, a HKU staff or student can get a HKU-Cert and the corresponding private key at the Centre's General Office (Room 223, Run Run Shaw Building).
* Note:  The HKU-Cert is issued through the HKU CA (Certification Authority) which is built on the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. 
Click here for a brief description of the basic mechanism of PKI.

Starting from January 2001, in order to facilitate our staff and students to apply for the HKU-Cert without coming to Computer Centre , users can apply for the HKU-Cert via the Intranet Systems for Staff and Students, respectively, as follows:

  1. Login the Intranet Systems
  2. After login, click the links "Computer Centre " and then "HKU-Cert On-line Application Form".  You will then be asked to enter a password for encrypting your HKU-Cert private key on a CD-R to be issued to you.
  3. You will be notified by e-mail to collect your Private-Key CD-R at Computer Centre General Office (Room 223, Run Run Shaw Building) . This process will normally take one working day.
  4. You can either go in person or ask a person authorized by you to collect your Private-Key CD-R.  At Computer Centre , you or the authorized person must show the appropriate personal identification (e.g. HKU Smart Card or HK Identity Card) and submit a signed copy of the HKU-Cert Subscriber Agreement (version 2.0).
Note 1:  When the applicant collects the Private Key in person at Computer Centre's General Office, he can at the same time request to save his private key to his HKU Smart Card.
Note 2: Since the password encrypting the private key is only known to the applicant, collection of the Private Key CD-R of an applicant by his authorized person would not compromise the security of his private key.

Use of the HKU-Cert

The HKU-Cert can be used in HKU Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) applications where electronic signatures are required, and in e-mail programs which support the use of electronic signatures and encryption of e-mail messages.

As more HKU ESD applications are being developed, users will find more occasions for using electronic signatures.  Apart from the on-line application form system and the Computer Centre Ordering System which were introduced in the previous issue of the Computer News, we are pleased to present another ESD applications using the electronic signature:

Should you have any enquiries relating to the HKU-Cert and its use for ESD (Electronic Service Delivery) applications, please contact the undersigned.

M. C. Pong
Tel: 2859 2491

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