Upgrade of the WAN Links to University Hall and Ricci Hall

We are pleased to announced that the WAN (wide area network) links to the student residences University Hall and Ricci Hall have been upgraded from 256Kbps to T1speed  (1.5Mbps) since December 1, 2000. The network traffic congestion problem previously experienced by residents of these two halls is now resolved and the network access response is much improved.

At the moment, Computer Centre is also in the process of installing additional fibre cables and routers for serving the student residence halls in the Sassoon Road area, namely the Lee Hysan Hall, R.C. Lee Hall,, Wei Lun Hall and the Madam S.H. Ho Residence for Medical Students, so as to alleviate the network traffic congestion problem which could occur during the peak usage period at night time.  This development is scheduled to be completed by February 2001.

Should you have any questions relating to the network improvement work for the halls mentioned above, please contact the undersigned.

Ronald Leung
Tel: 2857 8593
E-mail: hyleung@hkusua.hku.hk

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