Purchase of Laser Printing Units using the Credit Card through the HKU ESD System

Computer Centre is pleased to announce a new service for purchasing laser printing units for printing in the PC laboratories in Computer Centre .  Starting from November 15, 2000, a staff or student can purchase laser printing units in the HKU ESD System using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) and signing with his digital signature.

In order to sign with your digital signature, you must first get your HKU-Cert (digital certificate issued by the HKU Certification Authority) and the corresponding private key from Computer Centre .  The private key for the digital signature will be stored in your HKU Smart Card or on a HKU-Cert Private-Key CD-R issued by the Centre.  The smart card must be read by a smart-card reader while the CD-R can be read from any PC with a CD drive.

A PC running Windows 95 or 98 can run the HKU ESD System after some software is installed in the PC.  Please see the description of the HKU ESD System and click the link Pre-requisites for the details of pre-configuring your PC.  The PCs in the PC Laboratories in Run Run Shaw Building are pre-configured and are capable of running the HKU ESD System.

You can visit the HKU ESD System by clicking on the "HKU ESD" button in the HKU Intranet or HKU Intranet for Students home pages.  When you click on the link "Purchase Laser Printing Units", you should see the following screen:

To proceed, you must identify yourself to the HKU ESD System using your HKU-Cert private key, either with your HKU Smart Card or the HKU-Cert Private-Key CD-R.  Once you have been authenticated by the HKU ESD System, the following screen will appear and you can follow instructions as shown on the screen to purchase the required laser printing units with your VISA or MasterCard.

After you have chosen the required number of laser printing units and entered your VISA or MasterCard information, the credit card payment will be settled through the payment gateway provided by the Bank of East Asia Limited, and the transaction details will be recorded with your digital signature.  The system will then return a reference number of this transaction.  You are advised to record the reference number of the transaction.

With this electronic purchasing process using the digital signature and payment by credit card, the operational cost of the printing units is reduced and we can offer our users a discount as follows.  (Purchasing by cash is otherwise $30 for 100 units at the general office counter).
The charge schedule is:  100 units -- $24 (20 % discount of cash payment of $30)
400 units -- $90 (25 % discount of cash payment of $120)
Note:   1 printing unit for printing one A4 page from a black and white laser printer
10 printing units for printing one A4 page from a colour laser printer

If you would like to know more about the above service or how to apply the electronic payment gateway system to facilitate  operations in your Department, please contact the undersigned.

Newton Lui
Tel: 2859 7975
E-mail: lty@cc.hku.hk

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