Simplified Smart Card System for Purchasing Laser Printing Units

With the introduction of the Self-Service Smart Card System for purchasing laser printing units on February 14, 2000, we have received very good response from our users.  The system has drastically reduced the queue at our Centre's enquiry counter and has allowed our users to purchase laser printing units after office hours.  The self-service smart card system for purcashing  laser printing units was initially installed in Room 104 of the Run Run Shaw Building.

Details of the Self-Service System for purchasing laser printing units was described in the Computer News issue no. 83.  Basically, any staff or student who possess a University Staff or Student Smart Card can use the system by following the instructions displayed on the side of the system.

During the pilot run of the system, it was found that many users do not remember the PIN (personal identification number) of their smart cards which was required to enter the system.  To further simplify the procedure, the requirement of entering the PIN number was removed starting from February 28, 2000.  Since then, we have found many users enjoying the convenience of the system.

In view of the excellent response, we are pleased to inform our users that we have already set up a similar self service unit in Room 134 of the Old Library Building in March 2000 to facilitate users working in that area.  We hope this arrangement will provide even better service to our users.

If you have any queries about this service, please contact the undersigned.

Lui Tun Yee
Tel: 2857 8633

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