Forwarding Your Mail while You Are Away

Electronic mail has become so pervasive that many staff and students find it necessary to check their email every day, even when they are away from Hong Kong.  Of course, it is possible to check you email through the use of Web Mail over the Internet.  However, sometimes when the Internet link is slow and you get large attachments, it can become too time-consuming.  If you are fortunate enough to get another email account at the new environment, Computer Centre has now provided a simple means for you to re-direct all your incoming email to the email account at your new environment.

You can do this by using the email forwarding facility prepared by Computer Centre to forward all email sent to your hkucc (or hkusua) account to another account specified by you.  You can “forward” your incoming email messages on your hkucc (or hkusua) account via "Electronic Mail" at Computer Centre's homepage and then click Redirecting your HKUCC E-mail(or Redirecting your HKUSUA E-mail) as shown in the following webpage.

In this web page, you need to type in your account name and the associated password.  If you are forwarding your email to a new address, type in the forwarding address and then click the “Set Forwarding” button.  Please note that you need to input the full email address in the “email forwarding address” field.  In setting the forward on, all the email coming to your HKU account will be forwarded to the new email address.  There will not be another copy left in your inbox at HKU.

In the following screen, the email from my hkucc account  is forwarded  to my hkusua account.


When you return from your trip overseas, remember to cancel your email forwarding using the same web page. Just type in your username and password and then click the “Restore Forwarding” button as in the following screen.

Charles Cheung
Tel: 2859 2488

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