Major Software Upgrade in PC Laboratories

We are pleased to inform our users that major upgrades to a number of software packages in our PC laboratories (except RR101 and RR201) were carried out in March and April 2000.  The upgraded software packages include SPSS, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe PageMaker, Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Chinese Edition, Microsoft Windows Media Player and Netscape Communicator. Details of the upgraded software and their new features are listed as follows:
1. SPSS version 9 has been replaced by version 10.  SPSS version 10 comes with new features such as better data management, enhanced graphics and higher output quality. For further details, please refer to the SPSS web page at
2. Corel WordPerfect version 8 has been upgraded to WordPerfect version 9. WordPerfect version 9 is downward compatible with previous versions of WordPerfect as it uses the same file format as versions 6.1, 7 or 8.

3. Adobe PageMaker 6.5 has been upgraded to 6.5 Plus. Besides the standard features of Adobe PageMaker, some add-on features including Adobe table 3.0, filters, color libraries, design templates and Adobe type manager have also been installed.  A few hundred design templates are available to assist users to create high-quality business documents.

4. The Microsoft Visual Studio Professional English Edition version 6 which was installed on the Chinese Windows 95 or Windows 98 has been replaced by the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional Chinese Edition version 6. The Visual Studio is a complete suite of tools for rapid application development. It consists of Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro and Visual InterDev. Visual Basic, C++ and FoxPro are programming languages, while Visual InterDev is an integrated team-based development tool for building Web applications which are based on HTML, scripts and components written in any programming language.

5. Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.1 has been upgraded to 6.4.  With the use of  Microsoft Windows Media Player 6.4, one can listen to or view live news updates, view a music video and preview clips from a new movie on various web sites. The new players also supports a number of common multimedia formats which include MP3, WAV, AVI and MPEG.

6. Netscape Communicator 4.5 has been upgraded to 4.7.  Netscape Communiator 4.7 encompasses a set of components, namely Navigator, Messenger, Composer, RealPlayer G2, Winamp, etc. In addition, it provides a 56-bit encryption in order to make electronic transcactions secure.
For details about software installed in the PC laboratories, please refer to our Computer Services Handbook. Should you have any questions regarding these software packages, please contact the undersigned.

Vitus Lam
Tel: 2859 2484

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