Successful Migration of the HKUSUA and HKUSUB Systems to run on the SUN Enterprise 1000 System

Since October 1999, we worked towards the installation of a more powerful SUN Enterprise 10000 system to replace the general computing and email servers for students (i.e. HKUSUA and HKUSUB). The installation of the new system was completed in mid December 1999.  However, due to the approach of Year 2000, the migration of the HKUSUA and HKUSUB system to the new system was scheduled to be in January 2000.   In order to minimise the service interruptions to our users, we staged the migration of the HKUSUA and HKUSUB to the new system in 3 phases over 3 consecutive weekends from January 23, 2000 to February 6, 2000 respectively.

We are pleased to inform our users that the migration was completed on schedule and users should not notice any difference in the computing environment except performance improvement.  In addition, a high-available (HA) cluster has been formed between these two systems such that the machines mutually backup each other.  As a result, service interruption would be minimized whenever there is hardware failure in any of the two machines.

As a reminder to our users, the following software are now available on the HKUSUA/HKUSUB cluster:

If you find any problems or difficulties in using the services on the HKUSUA or HKUSUB systems, please contact the undersigned or Mr. Charles Cheung (tel: 2859 2488, email: ) for assistance.

KC Chang

Tel: 2859 7972

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