Guidelines on using the Bulk E-mail Service
The Bulk E-mail Service provided by Computer Centre is to assist University departments in distributing University-related information, such as inter-office circulars, seminar notices, etc. to University staff and students.  While many departments have found the bulk email service a useful means to disseminate information to the widest possible audience, there are also staff and students who found the information un-interesting and consider it disruptive to have to read so many emails.  In order to provide some balance between the information provider and the receiver, some guidelines are prepared to assist departments and offices for the proper and effective use of the Bulk E-mail Service as follows:

(1)    The bulk e-mail service is used for distributing University-related information that should be endorsed by the department.  Requests from individuals will not be entertained.

(2)    Though the bulk e-mail service is provided by Computer Centre , the message is sent out on behalf of the requesting departments and offices which will be fully responsible for the accuracy and appropriateness of the content.

(3)    It is advisable that any non-English bulk e-mail message should be accompanied by the corresponding English version of the message.

(4)    The e-mail message must be in plain text format, provide an informative subject heading and must not exceed 2500 characters.

(5)     Each department is allowed to submit only one request for bulk e-mail each day.

(6)    Bulk e-mail requests must be submitted to the system before 4:00p.m. on Monday to Friday and before 11:30a.m. on Saturday for processing by Computer Centre so that they can be sent out in the early morning of the following day.

(7)    Computer Centre reserves the right to reject any bulk e-mail request based on system capacity or other reasons.

For further information or queries, please contact the undersigned.

Lui Tun Yee
Tel: 2857 8633

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