The Bulk E-mail Service at HKU

Computer Centre provides a bulk e-mail service which is a convenient and effective way for departments and offices to send notices by email to all HKU staff and students.   More and more departments are using this service to disseminate university-related information such as announcements on seminars and public lectures.

Currently, HKU departments send a request for bulk e-mail to Computer Centre with the following information:

and our Centre's staff will prepare and send out the bulk e-mails for them in the early morning of the following day.

To improve on the submission process of bulk e-mail requests and to minimise delay due to incomplete information provided by the department in their requests, Computer Centre has developed a bulk e-mail request system which allows HKU departments to submit their requests via a web-based interface.  In this way, the most essential information can be captured at source and completeness of information can be ensured.

Effective from May 3, 2000, the web-based Bulk E-mail Service is available within the "Computer Centre " option of the "Intranet System for Staff" and can only be accessed by staff who have a "bulk e-mail submission" account.  Meanshile departments interested in using the Bulk E-mail Service can submit to Computer Centre a "bulk e-mail submission account" to authorize their staff to use the system. All bulk e-mail requests are regulated by the Computer Centre's Bulk E-mail Guidelines, a copy of  which is included in this Computer News.

For details of how to apply for a "bulk e-mail submission account" and instructions on the use of the system, please refer to the URL: http://www.its.hku.hkoffice/forms/bulkemail_guide.htm.

For further information or queries, please contact the undersigned.

Lui Tun Yee
Tel: 2857 8633

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