Y2K Progress Update

We are pleased to announce that all the central administration and academic support mission-critical systems maintained by Computer Centre have been converted and tested and are considered to be Y2K compliant.

The results from the latest Y2K survey questionnaire show that approximately 95% of systems that were non-compliant in July 1998 have now been fixed and over 85 departments/offices have reported achieving full Y2K compliance. We appreciate the efforts made by these departments and the cooperation offered by the department Y2K coordinators.

In order to meet the target of full Y2K compliance set by the Hong Kong SAR Government, Computer Centre's "Y2K sub-task group" again visited those departments which have not yet eliminated the problem and to offer our assistance. The Hong Kong SAR Government requires that departments having Y2K non-compliant systems must either rectify/replace these systems or draw up the contingency plans for these systems by June 30, 1999. The Director of Computer Centre also represented the University to attend a Y2K panel meeting of the Legislative Council in May 1999.

Computer Centre has already met the target of Y2K compliance by June 30, 1999 for all mission-critical administrative and academic support systems in the University. We are now concentrating on drawing up a contingency plan to enable us to operate normally even if there are problems with external supplies of goods and services at the turn of the millennium. Other departments are also encouraged to produce similar plans to ensure that they can cope with these situations as well. If you need any assistance in drawing up your contingency plans, please contact the undersigned.

D.P. Carthy
Tel: 28590535
Email: dpc@cc.hku.hk

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