System Messages Now Announced on the Web

A "System messages" announcements is made by Computer Centre to notify users of upcoming scheduled system down times due to system upgrade or maintenance work.  These notices will be displayed when users first login to the host systems.

Since more systems are now client/server and web-base interfaced, users can access the services on the host computer via a PC client (e.g. Eudora) or a web browser (e.g. Netscape Communicator) without the need to log in the host systems. Thus, they may miss to read those important notices.  In view of this, we have developed a new web-based Announcement Board to allow our users to read the system messages whenever they are connected to the network. Its URL is at

The web-based Announcement Board allows these system messages to be kept for a longer period and users can read the messages at any time and at their own pace (they will not scroll up the screen quickly). You may choose to display the announcements by selecting the computer system e.g. hkusua and the incident date of that system.

In the example shown below, the system chosen is 'hkusua' and the incident date chosen is '18-MAY-1999'.  The system message indicates that there is a reboot of the system on that day and the service would be interrupted. If the cause of the problem is identified, it will also be stated in the message.


The system incidents may be planned (e.g. system upgrade, disk re-allocation etc.) or sudden (e.g. disk crash, power failure etc.).  For planned or scheduled incidents, we will post the notices at least two days in advance of the incidents.

Users are encouraged to visit our Announcement Board on system messages regularly to stay tuned to the scheduled outages of systems or network services in order not to be affected by the systems' unavailability.

Chan Wai Ling
Tel: 2859 2496

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