Upgrade of Central LAN PC-Servers

Computer Centre is in the process of upgrading the operating system of all central LAN PC-Servers for supporting academic departments.  The Network Operation System (NOS) of these PC-Servers will be upgraded from the current version Netware 4.1 to Netware 5 and the hardware will be replaced by a more powerful DELL server.

Each of the new DELL server is configured with a 450MHz CPU, 512 megabytes of memory and a total disk capacity of 18 Gigabytes. The server is also equipped with a DLT4000 tape drive which can back-up the data files kept on the server at a speed of 1.5 megabytes per second. The machine is installed with RAID level 5 (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) which offers data protection through the storage of redundant information across an array of disks.

The Netware 5 Operating System comes with many new features and enhancements. One feature is to provide a pure TCP/IP network environment which enables the server to communicate directly with the Internet.  Another feature of the product is called "Novell Distributed Print Services" which simplifies printing for network users and increases the performance and reliability of network printing. Most importantly, the product is Y2K compliant to serve us in the Year 2000 and beyond.

At the time of writing this article, HKUMB1, the server for supporting departments in the Main Building, has been upgraded. Other central PC-Servers will also be upgraded in the next few weeks.

Tony F.K. Lai
Tel: 2859 7976
E-mail: lfk@cc.hku.hk

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