MATLAB 5.3 available on HKUSUA/B

The MATLAB mathematical package was upgraded from version 5.0 to 5.2 (Release 10) on HKUSUB/HKUSUA (SUN Solaris) systems in early May 1999.  It was further upgraded to version 5.3 (Release 11) on 31 May 1999.  Both versions, i.e. 5.2 and 5.3 , are Y2K compliant with new enhanced features.  Below are the highlights of MATLAB version 5.2 and 5.3 :

MATLAB 5.2 and 5.3 Highlights:

MATLAB on HKUSUA/HKUSUB can be started from UNIX workstations by the following procedures:

Note: Assume that C shell is the user's default login shell and MATLAB on hkusua will be run.

(1) Login a UNIX workstation (e.g. hkusu15, hkuppc20, ......)

(2) Enable the access control on remote machine (hkusua) by typing the command e.g.:

(3) Display the nodename (e.g. hkusu15) of your workstation by typing the command: (4) Login to hkusua UNIX server using the telnet command e.g.: Note: Steps (5) - (9) should be done within the hkusua login session.

(5) Direct graphic display to your workstation, say hkusu15, by typing the command:

(6) Invoke MATLAB by typing Note: the MATLAB invoking command is placed under /usr/local/bin/.

Then, the MATLAB session will start and the following prompt will be shown:


(7) Invoke the on-line help for MATLAB by typing:

(8) Start a Web browser (i.e. Netscape) to read the MATLAB Helpdesk Information by typing: (9) To quit MATLAB, type: Please report to our Helpdesk at 2859 2480 should you encounter any problems on using the latest version 5.3, (Release 11) of MATLAB as soon as possible and the MATLAB 5.2 version will be removed on August 1, 1999 to free more disk space on the systems.

For further enquiries regarding the MATLAB software, please contact the undersigned.

Nick Chi
Tel: 2859 8936

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