The HKUVMS System to be obsolete

We would like to remind our users that the operation of the HKUVMS system, i.e. the "old HKUCC" system, which runs OpenVMS V.7.1 will come to an end on 30 June 1999.

Most of the applications, such as the GCG package, SAS program, C compiler, COBOL compiler and FORTRN compiler previously provided on the HKUVMS system are now available on the new HKUCC system which has been put in regular service since February this year.  The MINITAB program is now provided on the HKUSUB system.

As the HKUVMS system will be decommissioned soon, users who are still keeping their files and/or email on HKUVMS are urged to transfer such files and email to the new HKUCC systems as soon as possible.

The steps for moving files or email from the HKUVMS to the HKUCC system are as follows :

  1. Login the HKUVMS.HKU.HK system via the Telnet program (using the old password)
  2. At the system prompt, type "ftp"
            $ ftp

The ftp program is then invoked and will display the following: FTP server (Digital UNIX Version 5.60) ready.

     Connected to HKUCC.

You are then requested to enter the user name and password of your HKUCC system:


Type "ascii" for transferring a  text file or "bin" for transferring a binary file.

Supposing you are transferring a file with the filename a.file, type the following at the ftp prompt:

     ftp> put a.file

To exit the ftp program, simply type "bye" at the ftp prompt.
Please refer to the Network Services Guide for Unix Users , chapter 4, for detailed commands of the ftp program.

Charles Cheung
Tel: 2859 2488

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