Telnet to Centrally Operated Host Systems from Remote Systems

Members of the University are reminded that Telnet access to the central host computer systems operated by Computer Centre , namely the HKUCC, HKUSUA, HKUSUB etc. from outside of the University's campus network can only be made through the Telnet Gateway "".

The procedure for gaining access to the central computer systems from Internet outside HKU is as follows :

1. At the remote site, telnet to "" using the command telnet

2. At the login prompt, enter your HKUPPP (i.e. HKUNAP) account username and password.

3. After you have successfully logged in the system, you may then select one of the Centre's host systems from the displayed list for telnet.

For more information about remote telnet to HKU Computer Centre's host systems, please contact the undersigned.

Lui Tun Yee
Tel: 2857 8633

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