ARC/INFO & ARCDOC 7.2.1 available on HKUSUA/B and HKUGIS

The ARC/INFO & ARCDOC packages running on HKUSUA, HKUSUB and HKUGIS (SUN Solaris) systems have been upgraded from version 7.1.2 to 7.2.1 in April 1999. The upgraded ARC/INFO and ARCDOC are Y2K compliant with the following key features :

This new version of ARC/INFO or ARCDOC 7.2.1 can be invoked on HKUSUA, HKUSUB and HKUGIS by the following procedure :

Note: Assume C shell is the user default login shell

(1) Login a UNIX workstation (e.g. hkusu15, hkuppc20, ......)

(2) Enable access control on the remote host computer (hkugis or hkusua or hkusub) by typing the command e.g.:

(3) Display the nodename (e.g. hkusu15) of your workstation by typing the command:

(4) Login the HKUSUA or HKUSUB or HKUGIS UNIX server using the telnet command e.g.:

Note: Steps (5), (6) & (7) should be done within the hkugis or hkusua or hkusub login session.

(5) Direct graphic display to your workstation, say hkusu15, by typing the command:

(6) Invoke ARC/INFO 7.2.1 by typing:

(7) Invoke the on-line help for ARC/INFO (ARCDOC 7.2.1) by typing:

(8) To quit the on-line help,

(9) To quit the ARC/INFO 7.2.1 system, type quit at the Arc:prompt and then press <Enter>.

If you still wish to use the previous versions (7.1.2) of the software, type arc712 or arcdoc712 accordingly after logging in the HKUSUA or HKUSUB or HKUGIS system.  However, please be informed that this old version will be removed from the HKUSUA, HKUSUB and HKUGIS systems on August 1, 1999.

Should you encounter any problems on using the new version of ARC/INFO and ARCDOC, please feel free to contact the undersigned.

Nick Chi
Tel: 2859 8936

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