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Hotlines, Dialup
General Enquiries  2859 2495 
Fax  2559 7904
Computer Operations (Hardware and Operational problems) 2859 2496
Help Desk (Software and general problems) 2859 2480 
Hardware Maintenance  2859 2774 

Dial-up Services 
60-minute lines(HKUPPP and HKUDIAL) 30-minute lines 
24-hour service lines 2548 0590 24-hour service lines (HKUDIAL) 2859 2595
24-hour staff only service lines 2803 0202  Night service lines (6p.m.-8a.m. next day) 2859 7992 
Night service lines (6p.m.-8a.m. next day) 2857 8650 
x2 56Kbps modem lines 2975 7000 
HKUPPP for HKU graduates  2549 4762 
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Operations Schedule [Contents] [Next] [Previous]

Holidays Schedule from March to June 1998
(All microcomputer/workstation rooms are closed on holidays)
Holidays From  To 
Tuen Ng Festival May 30, 1998 
(Saturday) 8:00 a.m.
May 31, 1998 
(Sunday) 12:00 noon

(All central computers in Computer Centre will be running unattended during the holidays.)

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