Reading Microsoft Word 6.0 document in Netscape Gold v.3 browser under HKUWIN

We are pleased to inform our users that Microsoft Word 6.0 documents can now be read with the Netscape Gold v.3 browser invoked from the HKUWIN for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

The software MS Word Viewer Plug-in of the Inso Corporation has been installed on all centrally managed LAN file-servers to work with the Netscape Gold v.3 browser.

"Plug-in" software for a particular type of file enables a browser to view that type of file in the same browser window. The MS Word Viewer Plug-in allows the user to view Word documents posted on the web by simply clicking the hyperlink of the document. Within the Word Viewer sub-window, you can pop up the Word Viewer's command menu by clicking the right mouse button to invoke the copy, print, save and find functions.

Vitus Lam
Tel: 2859 2484

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