A Student User Survey of Computer Services

From the information collected through the last user survey on the Centre's computing services conducted in January of 1997, we were able to get some very useful information from our users in terms of their computer needs, how they rate their satisfaction level of our services and suggestions for improvement of the computer services.

Some of the suggestions for improvement have already been implemented or are in the process of being developed, for example, the network is being upgraded, more PPP dial-up lines and faster modems have been installed, more training courses are delivered and the self-taught training presentations have been enhanced.

The last survey was done through paper questionnaires sent to all Term-of-Service I staff and also through the web for students. However, only a small number of students were aware of that survey.

We are now conducting a new survey to obtain more input from our students about the Centre's computing services. The information and feedback from this survey will help us to have a more comprehensive picture of the computing needs of our student users so we can provide better services and facilities to support the teaching, learning and research activities. We look forward to the students' participation in the forthcoming computing facilities and services survey.

Starting date: Monday, January 5, 1998
Closing Date: Sunday, January 18, 1998
URL of the web-based questionnaire: http://intranet.hku.hk:8030/survey/app/computing.survey
Eligible participants: All registered students of the University

Mabel Chau
Tel:2859 8934

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