Status of OS upgrade for HKUSP2 supercomputer


In the last issue of the Computer News #69, we informed our users that 4 of the 32 processor nodes of HKUSP2 have been upgraded from AIX 3.2.5 to AIX 4.2 in early September, 1997. In the past month, our user have been testing their application programs in the new OS environment. They are very satisfied with the results and some of them are now using the new nodes to run their production jobs.

As we are going to complete the process of upgrading all nodes of the HKUSP2 to AIX 4.2 before the end of 1997, users of the HKUSP2 are urged to test and convert their applications to the AIX4.2 environment as soon as possible.  Our staff will try our best to help our users convert their applications smoothly.

New software

The following upgraded software packages are available in the upgraded AIX 4.2 environment. Users are encouraged to make use of the new versions of software.
New Version
Advantage of new version
Parallel Engineering and Scientific Subroutine Library 


1.0 1.2 More subroutines are available. They can now be used with the IBM High Performance Fortran compiler. 
LoadLeveler job scheduling system 1.2 1.3 It can work with EASY job scheduling system for improved utilization of the parallel computer.
Message Passing Interface (MPI) Public version (MPICH) IBM version Optimized for SP2, simpler compilation procedure, more error checking.
IBM Fortran compiler 3.2 4.1 Much improved. See a summary of the changes.
IMSL Distributed Network Fortran Library Serial version Parallel version 1.0 It includes 18 parallelized functions.

More Information

For more information about the system upgrade to AIX 4.2 and the new application software, and for any problems encountered in your testing, or any comments or issues regarding your test results, please contact the undersigned.

W. K. Kwan
Tel: 2857 8631

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