Surfing the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE v.3) in PC Laboratories

The Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) is a commonly known web browser other than the Netscape web browsers.  MSIE v.3.0 is provided in our PC laboratories running Windows 3.1, Chinese Windows 3.1 and Windows NT Workstation.

MSIE 3.0 has similar capabilities as the Netscape Gold 3.0, namely, the web browser, an HTML editor, mail program and news reader. When you start MSIE 3.0, the browser window will be launched with the following menu and toolbar layout:

There is an extensive Help facility to assist you to use the supported functions. Some of the commonly used functions of MSIE 3.0 will be briefly described below. For more details, please refer to the Help facility.

The Browser

Procedure to use MSIE in the Windows NT Workstation Laboratory (Room RR-101)

  1. Login a PC running Windows NT Workstation.
  2. Double click on the MSIE icon on the Windows NT Workstation desktop.

Procedure to use MSIE in other PC Laboratories

  1. Start the English or Chinese version of Windows 3.1 on a PC.
  2. Double click on the MSIE icon in the "Microsoft Internet Explorer" program group.

The menu and toolbar items in the MSIE 3.0 browser window are very similar to those in Netscape 3.0. Some variations do exist.

Clicking on the Font button on the toolbar will allow you to increase or decrease the size of the fonts appearing in the current browser window.

The list of Favorites  is equivalent to the Bookmarks in Netscape. You can add a bookmark of a frequently accessed website to the list of favorites or organise the favorites by clicking on the Favourite button.

To print a file, you can use either the Print button on the toolbar or by clicking the menu File -> Print.  You can set up the layout and format of your printed page with the menu Print -> Setup, but there is no Print Preview function in MSIE 3.0.

In the Windows NT Workstation laboratory (Room RR-101), we have installed a traditional Chinese font in each of the PCs to facilitate your reading of Chinese web pages with the English version of Windows NT Workstation provided. For the other PC laboratories, you can read Chinese web pages by first selecting the Chinese Windows 3.1 from the HKUMENU.

The HTML Editor

You can edit the HTML codes of a web page by first bringing the page into the browser and then clicking the menu View -> Source.  An HTML editor window will be opened where you can make changes to the HTML codes and save the modified web page.  To view the changes, simply click on the Refresh button on the toolbar. Unlike the Netscape Gold 3.0 editor, you have to work directly with HTML codes in the MSIE 3.0 editor and hence knowing HTML coding is a prerequisite.

Read Mail/News

To read mail or news, click on the Mail button on the toolbar, and then select Read Mail or Read News or use the menu Go. You will then be prompted for the information to configure your mail server and your news server.

For the mail server, you will be asked to specify your email address, user account name and password. The setting for the incoming mail server should be set to the hostname of the system on which your email account is created, e.g. or  For the setting for the outgoing mail server, you can simply set it to

For the news server, input the name

Note: As the MSIE v.4 has recently been released, its installation in our PC laboratories is being studied.

Vitus Lam
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