Information Service Support Provided by Computer Centre

The World-Wide-Web (or WWW) is becoming more popular as a source of information and dissemination of information about your work, your affiliation or yourself.  Taking advantage of the convenience and effectiveness of communication through the WWW, faculties, departments and the administrative offices are putting more information on the HKU WWW Server, maintained by Computer Centre . The information not only includes static data but also dynamic contents retrieved from databases through on-line enquiry. The communication channel is thus broadened and enhanced.
  Computer Centre takes an active role in the support of our staff and students in the use of the web for their teaching, learning, research and administration purposes. We organize computer courses regularly. We help to implement ideas supplied by users in various faculties, departments and administrative offices using the latest web technologies. We discuss with users about their requirements and give them suggestions. On behalf of the various units, we employ student assistants to carry out the projects under the guidance of staff of Computer Centre . We maintain progress of the project and assure quality of output. While our students who help in the web application development come from different fields of study, they are full of innovative ideas and have been able to apply the latest web technologies to the development of high quality web pages embedded with attractive graphics design and multimedia capability.
Some of the projects we have coordinated include:
Department  Project 
External Relations Office, Registry 
  • Photo Library
Publications Unit, Registry 
Faculty of Science 
  • Faculty of Science Homepage
  • File Indexing System
Careers Education and Placement Centre 
  • Library Cataloging 
  • On-line Enquiry System
  • Bibliography
The Convocation 
Laboratory Animal Unit 
  • Ordering System 
  • On-line Enquiry System
University Health Service 
  • Registration System
Civil Service Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 
  • On-line application forms for the recruitment of civil servants of the grades of Administrative Officer, Executive Officer II, Management Services Officer II, Assistant Trade Officer II and Assistant Labour Officer II.
Other on-going projects include:
Department  Project 
Centre of Asian Studies 
  • Research Directory on Hong Kong Studies 
Faculty of Dentistry 
  • Faculty of Dentistry Homepage 
Various Departments 
  • Personal web pages of lecturers 
If you have any ideas on using the web to facilitate your information dissemination or interacting with users of your service, we can help you realize them. Please contact the undersigned for more information.

Otto Luk
Tel: 2859 7972

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