Fujitsu Fortran 90 compiler Available on HKUSUB


We are pleased to announce that the Fujitsu Fortran 90 compiler version 2.2 is available on hkusub as an alternative to the SUN Fortran 90 compiler.

This compiler compiles Fortran 66, Fortran 77 and Fortran 90 programs. In addition, it takes advantage of the multi-processor capability of hkusua and hkusub and parallelizes the execution of programs. Programs compiled by this new compiler would run much faster than the ones compiled by traditional compilers.

This compiler has many features. There are experienced support staff at Computer Centre who can help you use this compiler. So, users are advised to consult the HPF support staff of Computer Centre before they start to use this compiler.

Optimization Feature

To maximize the processing speed of your application, Fujitsu Fortran offers a wide range of finely tuned optimization features:

Basic optimization

Program reconstruction optimization

Procedure optimization

Multi-processor optimization


Additional features include:


Fujitsu Fortran complies with the following standards:

The compiler allows you to select Fortran 90, Fortran 77, or Fortran 66 options. You also get Fortran 90 obsolescence checking and the ability to link object code from other vendors' compilers (as long as the other code does not include I/O or intrinsic procedures). Fujitsu Fortran provides a data migration path from S360 to IEEE floating point formats.

How to use the compiler

The compiler is available on hkusub only, so you have to compile your programs there. But the executable files it produces can be run on hkusua as well.

To compile a Fortran 90 program, use the following command :

frt -Kfast,gs,V8PLUS,GREG,eval,parallel,ocl,auto,reduction -Et -x- program.f -o program.exe
nfrt program.f -o program.exe
Note: nfrt has the following option as default.

To run a program, use the following command :

# This sets the number of processors, [np],  on which your program will be run.
setenv PARALLEL [np]
# This runs the program in [np] processors.

There are 8 and 12 processors in hkusub and hkusua respectively, so users may use 1 to 8 processors in hkusub and 1 to 12 processors in hkusua.

The user manual of this compiler is in the text file /data4/sunf90/fj/FSUNf90/help/C/F90.user of hkusub. Chapter 7 explains in detail how to use the automatic parallelization feature of this compiler.

Futher information

Training material on Fortran 90 is available from Computer Centre .

The home page of Fujitsu Fortran  contains detailed descriptions of the features of this compiler.

If you have any further queries on the Fortran 90 compiler, please contact the undersigned.

Nick Chi 
Tel: 2859 8936 
Woo Chat Ming 
Tel: 2857 8632 

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